Game structure?

From time to time you can hear voices that game development does not require a three-act structure. Is this in fact the case? I decided to do a review of the most common arguments on this subject.

In the hell of good ideas - part 1

If there is a hell for game writers it is filled with ideas that never got fullfiled. Being innovative is a gift, but inappropriately used, it also becomes a curse.

Visual novel: scriptwriter's perspective vol 1

Visual novele is a great testing ground for any game writer. Here he can check his writing skills, learn how to montage scenes, control tension and collaborate with the rest of the team.

Visual novel: scriptwriter's perspective - vol 2

It is commonly thought that, gamers don't like reading long texts. This is only half true. It's not the length itself, but the information the text conveys..

In the hell of good ideas - part 2

At the beginning of my scriptwriting journey, I had the pleasure of participating in a brainstorming session for a VR game. There were no set deadlines for completing the project. A perfect opportunity to show creativity!