This War of Mine boardgame

Main task:

I created a 180 scripts For boardgame based on famous video game: This War Of Mine. Different from a lot of war games – this one put a huge impact not on the battlefield but on live of normal people who tried to survive the crisis.

My goal was to create a vibe scenarios and give a players a lot of difficult choices, that can impact the whole game in unpredictable way.  All me scripts were based on real war events. They were used in APP and in a Book of Scripts, that was important part of This War of Mine. Ensure that every play and game experience will be totally different.

Secondary objectives:

  •  Make a research about Balkans War, behaviors of civilians and other world conflicts, to make game more realistic.  
  • Build unique characters and events than can have huge impact and change completely rules of the game.
  • Recreate some location from original video game.
  • Confront players with difficult and ambiguous choices.