How the plot should go, who is the main character, where is the tension in the story? Answer about those question with treatment can help to create fully-engaging stories also for board-games and computer games.

The structure of the story is the key to success. In this point I work on plot, actions & relations between characters, protagonist and antagonist. If they are dialogs, I make them realistic and organic.  

 It can be tricky to unite mechanic and a plot in suitable way. I always look for solutions for players with different types of motivation. I merge enjoyable stories with game-play rules to guarantee the best possible experience.

Best games need often choices. I design the decisions, consequences and twist with using dozen of possible gameplay and plot solution.

VR, AR, board or video game – each has totally different level of immersion, so they need special solution. I always have in mind the big picture of project to make it suitable for game universum and type of players.