Initial stage of work on the game. I am creating preliminary documentation and a first version of treatment of the entire story. I focus on the risks, premise and strengths of the story. I build connections between the story and the planned gameplay.

The structure of the story is the key to success. I work on writing plot twists, actions & relations between characters, protagonist and antagonist. Test the solutions first on papier version then put it inside the game engine.

 It can be tricky to unite mechanic and a plot in suitable way. I merge enjoyable stories with game-play to guarantee the best possible experience.

I design the decisions, consequences. First, I write the possible branches using sketchboards. I Check the logic and meaning of single one character decision before I implement them into the game engine.

VR, AR, board game or video game – each title has totally different level of immersion, so they need special solution. I always have in mind the big picture of your project.   

I help diagnose and fix those elements in the story or character design that are not functioning. I have rewritten the storylines of several games in my career. I also help novice writers tighten up their stories.