Last Threshold

Last Threshold is a Visual-Novela set in the Universe of H.P Lovecraft. It was developed by Astrolabe Stories studio and published for Switch by Feardemic. The game takes place in Siberia in the 1960s, just after the nuclear tests conducted in Siberia. As a result, a mysterious ancient temple was revealed under the snow…. The main character, Viktor Staszewski, joins an expedition to go to the Chukchi (the tribe that inhabits the land) and investigate the ruins of the temple, which seem strangely familiar to Viktor. His father described a similar temple in his diary, which he kept after escaping from the Russian Gulags.  

As Project Manager and the main initiator of the game, I took care of the entire writing team and had a deciding vote on the game’s plot and its direction. I made sure that the project held to the previously developed premises of narrative, pacing and dramaturgy of the horror story. I put a twist into a rather classically story about a group of people exploring ancient ruins, that would surprise players.

In the final phase of the project I made improvements to the dialogues, made the speaking styles of individual

characters more unique, and also made changes to the way the narrative was carried out. The game Last Threshold was released in March 2022 on the Steam and Switch platforms. It has been translated into five languages: English,

Polish, German, French and Spanish.