The Awakening

Main task:
I create 170 paragraphs  for a game Escape Tales: The Awakening. This is a card game based on the escape room concept. It is not only focuse on solving puzzles, but also on amazing story and making multiple difficult choices. My role was to rewrite the script and also implement some new ideas.

In “The Awakening”  players take on the role of Sam, whose daughter has been in a coma. Her doctors still cannot explain how this happened or what caused it.  Sam is desperate and looks for answers everywhere he can, which leads to a weird solution of his problem – the strange and dangerous ritual… 

The Awakening card game

secondary objectives:

        Connect mechanic of the game with storyline to support the gameplay, without making any distraction in solving puzzles.

        Rewrite the scenario in a logical and immersive way. I create strange, surrealistic world of demons and their behaviors, but without lost the main purpose of game and it’s joy. Players still can understand the motivation of characters and consequences of their own choices.

        Making few alternative game endings to give a player a felling that his decision in game really maters and have impact on the story.